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 There Is -- Ian Disch

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PostSubject: There Is -- Ian Disch   4/1/2009, 3:47 am

There Is

There is a moment when,
As the sun lazily droops
below the horizon,
time freezes.

There is a place where,
In an abandoned school,
In the dust, floating,
illuminated by the evening
sun through the window,
time is frozen.

There is a field where,
lying in the tall grass
watching the clouds go by,
time is forbidden.

There is a memory where,
warm and welcoming,
mild and comforting,
time is immaterial.

There is a morning,
deep in summer,
as the rising sun
illuminates the landscape,
When time
For just a moment-
For an eternity-
Is frozen.

-Ian Disch
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There Is -- Ian Disch
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