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 sweet southern country belle

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PostSubject: sweet southern country belle   4/24/2009, 1:32 am

A beautiful summer crisp wind blows away my long blonde hair as I slowly walk along the antique and roomy shops in downtown Franklin. Window shopping is my pastime….. Summer my favorite season and as I walk along passerby can’t help but notice me. I am the girl that boys can’t help but look my way, their tongues wagging as I strut what my momma gave me along the busy street. I am the girl who lives in the ritziest subdivision governors club. Our daddy’s are salesman or lawyers and our mothers are the southern women who can’t help but brag about our way of life. I drive a brand new expensive BMW. But don’t worry; if I wreck my nice car, my daddy has enough money to buy me another one. I am the girl that boys want to date. I have them lined up down the block just to get a chance with me. Psh, they can only dream! I am the girl who my friends tell me I look like a version of a Barbie doll. Bleach blonde hair that doesn’t even need to be straightened, big blue eyes that get darker and lighter when the bright sun hits them just right, thin frame and perfect manicured nails that have never been bitten off or picked at because of stress. I’m the girl who is light enough to be a base in cheerleading……. And strong enough to yell out cheers…. I am the type of girl who could even get into Harvard and become a female lawyer **note legally blonde** I’m the type of girl who is the butt of the blonde jokes because of my blond locks. I listen to good ol’ country music and love to sit shotgun in my boy’s 4- wheel - drive - big - wheel - heavily - dirty due to muddin - Chevy or ford ranger. I love to go shoppin with my girls and pick out the latest fashion. I love to borrow my mothers antique pearls and and wear country boots tucked into ripped jeans with a cowboy hat that brings out my blue eyes. I am a blonde southern country belle born and raised here in the south and who loves it that way.
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sweet southern country belle
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